The Sunshine State

When I think of Florida, I think of spring break, relaxing on the beach, drinking martinis in the sand, and laying out under the warm, nourishing sun. No thank you. Not for me. So when Too Blondes was asked to do a show in Florida, Savannah and I were kind of bummed... Until we found out we wouldn't have to do that whole Florida beach thing. Phew!

Instead, we would wake up at 6am Friday morning, fly into Palm Beach, rehearse for a couple hours, do two shows back to back at the Not Just Jazz and Cabaret Club, (which might I add is in a lovely retirement community) then head to Ramada Inn, sleep for three hours and wake up just in time to catch our flight back to NYC.

Now that's how you vacation folks.

We didn't quite make it to the beach, but the airport sufficed. Despite the exhaustion, we had a great time in Florida. Maybe next time we can take an extra day to lay out on the beach and SLEEP.

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